4 Best K-Dramas To Watch If You Love ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Fantasy K-drama, alchemy of souls left a lasting impression on fans with its compelling story of magic, love, and dark secrets. While many dramas fit the same bill and take place in historical settings, dramas like Hotel Del Luna satisfying any fan’s need to watch a story with a budding romance set in a world beyond humanity.

Actor Lee Jin-wook in K-drama ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ | via tvN

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ is worth watching for fans looking for a dark and compelling mystery

Get ready for a complex love story that unfolds through time in a supernatural setting. Bulgasal: immortal souls tells the story of two main characters with a treacherous destiny. Actor Lee Jin-wook stars as Dan Hwal. Born in the Joseon Dynasty, he served as a military officer in charge of erasing evidence of the previous dynasty. Due to his bloodshed, he was cursed to live as an immortal. He is a Bulgasal who feeds on human blood.

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Actor Kwon Nara plays the role of Min Sang-woon / Kim Hwa-yeon. She was once immortal for over 600 years, but an event turned her into a human. She now lives on the bottom, and she wants revenge. Dan Hwal seeks to find his soul and put an end to a long-standing mystery.

Bulgasal: immortal souls is available on Netflix.

“Hotel Del Luna” is a longtime K-drama favorite that “Alchemy of Souls” fans will love

The Romantic Comedy 2019 Hotel Del Luna ia staple of K-drama. Actor and idol IU stars as Jang Man-wol, a woman with a bloody past who is doomed to live a long life as the manager of Hotel Del Luna. The hotel is not visible to humans, and its guests are spirits who need help moving on to the afterlife.

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alchemy of souls fans will find the K-drama appealing thanks to its mystical setting and otherworldly atmosphere. Man-wol soon encounters Gu Chan-sung, played by Yeo Jin-goo. He is educated and handsome and has to work at the Hotel Del Luna due to his father’s contract. As he changes Man-wol, the secret of the hotel and the mystery of its owner are revealed.

Hotel Del Luna is available on Netflix.

‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed’ has a gumiho who fell in love with his long-lost love

The fatal love story between its two main characters was an aspect of the alchemy of souls K-drama that fans enjoyed. For fans who want a good star-studded romance challenged by otherworldly forces and fantasy, Tale of the Nine Tails is the answer. The 2020 K-drama uses a character from Korean lore; a nine-tailed fox called gumiho.

Lee Dong-wook stars and Lee Yeon, a demoted, gumiho mountain god. He now works in the human world and helps eradicate spirits that pose a threat. A television producer named Yi Ah-eum, played by Jo Bo-ah, confirms its existence. Their stores are destined because Lee Yeon once saved her when she was a child.

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Lee Yeon and Ah-eum begin a journey as she learns more about the fantasy world. It is soon revealed that the two characters have a history that determines the fate of the world. Tale of the Nine Tails is creating a second season.

Tale of the Nine Tails is available on Viki.

“A Korean Odyssey” K-drama and “Alchemy of Souls” were written by the Hong Sisters

Whereas the Hong sisters wrote alchemy of souls, it’s not the only popular K-drama they’re responsible for. Another K-drama classic is 2019 A Korean Odyssey. A Monkey King named Son Oh-gong, played by Lee Seung-gi, has been imprisoned for years. Until the day a little girl who can see spirits is tricked into freeing him.

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Oh-gong seduces her with the promise to save her when she calls his name. Once free, he erases his memories. Nowadays, Jin Seon-mi, played by Oh Yeon-seo, has grown up. She owns a real estate company that specializes in exorcisms. One day, she meets Oh-gong and reveals that she never forgot. While having a combative relationship, Oh-gong learns that Seon-mi is being cast out because anyone who eats her flesh will become immortal.

He stays by her side against her will, but their lives become intertwined as the evil grows and their feelings for each other grow further.

A Korean Odyssey is available on Netflix.

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