Alachua County Commissioners Give Final Approval to Celebration Pointe Sports Complex


The Alachua County commission voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of building a new sports complex at Celebration Pointe.

Planning and discussion for the resort has been ongoing since 2018. The resort will host a variety of sports, including athletics, football and archery, and will serve as a community hub for events.

Commissioner Ken Cornell hopes the building will attract more sports fans to the region, an area already known for sports.

“It’s a multi-purpose event center, so it’s primarily for indoor track, indoor basketball, archery and gymnastics,” he said.

Alachua County Director of Strategic Initiatives Sean McLendon is excited about the economic opportunities the new sports complex will bring to the region. The county is using resort tax revenue on hotel stays to fund the $ 30 million commitment.

“We estimate that a facility of this size, based on independent consultants who have reviewed it, could generate at least $ 1 billion in economic output. $ 392 million in wages and nearly $ 24 million in county sales tax and related tourism and development taxes, ”McLendon said.

The land for the building was donated by Celebration Pointe to the county after the county identified the appropriate location. Ralph Conti, developer and partner of Celebration Pointe, compares the benefits of having the complex to an anchor store in a mall.

“To sponsor this project, Celebration Pointe Holdings felt it was a good business decision,” he said.

Conti says retail stores will also be on the first floor of the sports complex. Construction of the new sports complex is expected to begin in September with an estimated completion date of early 2023.

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