Andy Murray has wedding ring and tennis shoes stolen in hotel accident


Andy Murray has revealed that he had his tennis shoes and wedding ring stolen in a strange incident at a hotel.

The tennis star revealed on an Instagram video that he tried to air out his worn tennis shoes to keep them from smelling and put them under his car overnight.

The 34-year-old is getting ready for the Indian Wells tournament and staying at a hotel in California.

The next day, he returned to retrieve his shoes and realized that they had been stolen at some point in the night.

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Andy Murray reveals he lost his tennis shoes and wedding ring with just one mistake
Andy Murray reveals he lost his tennis shoes and wedding ring with just one mistake

It wasn’t until his physiotherapist asked him where his wedding ring was that he realized it was missing too – and remembered that it was tied to the laces of his shoes because he can’t wear it while playing.

The mortified sports star has said he’s now in the wrong books with his wife Kim after he misplaces his wedding ring.

He said: “As I was getting ready for my practice my physiotherapist told me ‘where is your wedding ring’ and I was like ‘oh no'”,

Andy continued, “Basically I tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoes because I can’t play with it, so yes my wedding ring was stolen as well.

“Needless to say, I’m in the wrong books at home, so I want to try and find it.

“If anyone can share this, or can get a sense of where it is, that would be very helpful so I can try to get it back and get to the bottom of it.”

Murray seems to have learned his lesson by captioning the video on Instagram: “Yeah, I know I’m an idiot and looking back it seems like a terrible idea, but I need help.

“What should be the reward for getting it back? #Ring #shoes # idiot #help #clown”

Fans took to the comments on the video to share their thoughts on Andy’s plight.

One fan commented: “I wouldn’t want to be you Andy!”

Another replied, “Can everyone be on the lookout for Andy’s smelly ring please?”

A third wrote: “Most likely an animal took it, mistaking it for its dinner which probably smelled just as good. 10/10 effort though. At least that’s an interesting story you’ll get. always that, which is just as good as a wedding ring, isn’t it? “

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