ATELIER de Hoteles protects and prevents the spread of Covid-19 as part of its fundamental pillar of Eco-Social Consciousness


Protected vacation program

Through our new Shielded Vacations program and by firmly upholding the philosophy of our Eco-Social Awareness® pillar, the Arteleros, and in particular our guests, have happily experienced the magic of our characteristic Handcrafted Hospitality® mentioned Oliver Reinhart, CEO of Grupo BD.

ATELIER de Hoteles, the Mexican hotel group recognized for its innovative concept of Handcrafted Hospitality®, announced that through its new Shielded Vacations program, it encourages the vaccination of all Arteleros, whether they work in operational sectors, areas direct public contact in properties, or in administrative positions.

Indeed, as of September 30, 2021, 84% of the total number of partner companies working at the ATELIER ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres complex, LEO Cancun Playa, headquarters and official BU’TIK® brand gift shops have all been fully vaccinated.

For ATELIER de Hoteles, this activity is a top priority and aims to recommend, encourage and guide the Arteleros so that they continue to follow the protocols that have been established by the public health authorities regarding the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. . That being said, the company constantly monitors and pays close attention to all new federal, state and local publications and information campaigns regarding the issue to achieve the goal of having 100% of all family members in the family. ‘company fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

“The HOTELES WORKSHOP has taken up the great challenge posed by the pandemic with the implementation of new disinfection and cleanliness procedures, as well as guidelines to maintain safe distances, with the support of technology and to prioritize the health of our customers. Through our new Shielded Vacations program, and by firmly upholding the philosophy of our Eco-Social Awareness® pillar, Arteleros, and in particular our clients, have joyfully experienced the magic of our characteristic Handcrafted Hospitality®, while being assured that we are strictly adhere to all prevention and hygiene protocols”Said Oliver Reinhart, CEO of ATELIER de Hoteles.

ATELIER de Hoteles constantly strives to complete the vaccination process of each Artelero and continue to offer them the facts regarding the benefits of being fully vaccinated. In addition, routine surveys are conducted and the results are shared across all areas of the business via email. In addition, all important and relevant information is provided and even displayed on digital screens placed in high traffic areas, such as the Arteleros dinners in each property, the passages at the back of the house, human resources and other properly designated locations.

The quality of services and the sustainable orientation of ATELIER de Hoteles’ strategies have positively enhanced the ATELIER ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres and ÓLEO Cancún Playa complex in the travel and hospitality industries in the Mexican Caribbean and globally. whole.

About Us:

ATELIER de Hoteles is an innovative and daring Mexican hotel group founded in 2015, inspired by a high-end focus on contemporary Mexican art as a central element and driving force of concepts that include strategy, passion and commitment . The four brands of ATELIER de Hoteles, ATELIER, ESTUDIO, ÓLEO and MET, offer relaxed luxury with the highest standards of service in their properties located in the Hotel Zone and Playa Mujeres, both in Cancun. Other seaside and urban sites are currently on the way.

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