Bill Cosby is the subject of a new lawsuit over a hotel incident in 1990 after his release from prison just a few months ago


A few months after his release from prison for sexual assault, famous artist Bill Cosby faces a new trial. Here is all about the surprising allegations made by the accuser against the movie icon.

American comedian, author and actor Bill Cosby has worked in the entertainment industry for several decades. His experience and talents, especially in the comedy industry, have earned him commendable fame and fortune.

These days, the Hollywood icon has managed to be in the news all the time, but for negative reasons. Recently, Cosby quit social media users and reported to media after a sexual assault lawsuit was filed against him.

Not only is it disheartening to hear that the legend may have been involved in a sexual assault, it’s more terrible news as the trial comes months after Cosby’s release from prison. Let’s take a look at the details of the new reveal.


Months after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a landmark criminal conviction against Cosby, another accuser filed a new lawsuit against him.

Lili Benard, a former guest star of “The Cosby Show”, said the comedian drugged and abused her in 1990 in Atlantic City after volunteering as a mentor.

In addition to the drug and rape charge, Benard also revealed that she suffered physical assault and emotional distress as part of the trial.

According to documents obtained by Law and Crime, the accuser is claiming no less than $ 25 million on the main charges and $ 125 million in damages.

At a press conference on Thursday, October 14, Bernard said she had plenty of time to pursue her case in court. Additionally, the actress has revealed that she is ready to be heard and to hold Cosby accountable for what he did to her.

Although the alleged incident happened years ago, Benard said she still lived with the shame, fear and pain that came with it every day of her life. The lawsuit also gave a detailed explanation of the steps the comedian took to present himself as a career resource prior to the alleged assault.


The complaint stated that Cosby had started mentoring Bernard by organizing theatrical exercises with her and asking him detailed questions about his life in July 1990.

At one point during one of the sessions where Cosby allegedly taught the accuser to breathe, Bernard alleged that the actor grabbed his breasts without his permission.

After the acclaimed incident, the document made it known that Bernard confronted Cosby about his actions; however, he acted as if he was innocent and insulted by the actress’ confrontation.

The following month, the author invited Bernard to Atlantic City for a proposal to meet an acclaimed producer to help take the actress’s career to the next level.

Bernard claimed Cosby made him a soft drink in his hotel room at the Trump Taj Mahal when he arrived at the supposed location. After swallowing the drink, the actress began to feel dizzy, weak and nauseous.

According to reports, Bernard quickly began to pass out. After waking up, the actress allegedly tried to undress. However, she gave a negative response to his advances.

Despite his position, Cosby paid no attention to it, and then Bernard lost consciousness again. The document indicated that upon awakening, Bernard found herself attacked by the author.

Bernard alleged that she passed out again and then woke up alone in an empty tub, still dizzy and unable to move. She struggled with consciousness, and when she woke up again, Bernard was naked on a bed.


According to Bernard, Cosby quickly dressed her and gave her some money. After the alleged sexual assault, Bernard revealed that the comedian tried to intimidate him. He threatened to sue the actress and ruin her career if she came to the police.

The combination of assault and subsequent intimidation caused lasting harm to the actress. Cosby’s team have sworn he will fight any allegations made against him.

According to the comedian’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, Bernard’s accusations were another attempt to profit from the legal process. Wyatt said the actress never provided any evidence or evidence for her claims; therefore, the allegations were false.

Cosby is ready to take his fight to the highest court in the United States of America. The whole world is waiting for the court’s verdict and the general turn of events.


On Wednesday, June 30, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s sexual assault conviction because the decision to charge him was an affront to fundamental fairness and his due process rights had been violated.

The actor had served two years of his sentence of three to ten years in 2018. His conviction concerned three counts of indecent assault aggravated for having drugged and assaulted Andrea Constand in 2004.

Upon leaving the actor, Wyatt appreciated his legal team and the Supreme Court. He described the court ruling as a moment of justice for black Americans. At the time, his rep revealed that the star was happy to return home, noting that it was a blessing for him.


Days after his release, Cosby mentioned that he was working on a documentary with Michelle Major about his case. According to the star of “The Cosby Show”, the documentary was nearing completion and was due to be produced by Lionsgate Entertainment.

In addition to the documentary, Cosby said he would likely participate in a book about his story. However, he wasn’t sure to write it down.

Cosby planned to return to the stage and help support those who had been falsely accused in court, unfairly tried and convicted.

However, with the new sexual assault charges circulating, the comedian’s plans to return to the stage could likely be put on hold.

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