City sues west Birmingham hotel for ‘drug nuisance’

The city of Birmingham announced today that it is suing a motel in West Birmingham over “drug-related nuisance”.

The city plans to sue the owners and operators of Southern Comfort Motels, 725 3rd Avenue West. reached out to the owners for comment, but they did not immediately respond to a message.

The complaint identifies Krisna, Inc., as the owner.

The city said the owner of the property had been informed that a drug-related nuisance existed on his property and had “refused or failed to correct the ongoing problem.”

The city maintains: There have been arrests of people for drug-related activities and for violent offenses committed on the property; law enforcement officers purchased drugs from the property for investigation; the Birmingham Police Department’s Narcotics Unit served and executed search warrants on the property; there is an increased volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic to and from the property; there is an increase in police calls to property related to drug use, or violence resulting from drug-related activities; complaints have been made to law enforcement and other government officials about illegal activity associated with the property.

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“We will continue to hold homeowners accountable by taking action against those who pose a danger to individuals both on their properties and in the surrounding neighborhood,” said city attorney Nicole King.

In 2020, King created the City Attorney’s Office Drugs and Nuisance Team, which works through the courts to hold landowners accountable for keeping their properties clean and for disposal. crime and scourge associated with nuisance problems. The team is working with the Birmingham Police Department to identify areas where owners are not taking care of properties or providing adequate security.

Problems with drug and nuisance properties can be reported by email to [email protected] or residents can call the Internal Nuisance and Drug Enforcement Team at 205-254-2369 during regular business hours. office.

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