Eno Vino Owners Open Two New Restaurants Outside Madison, Downtown Tavern | Restaurants

Cobalt Restaurant Group postponed the plans it was planning for 2020 until this year, “and then 2021 didn’t improve, so we pushed until 2022,” said co-owner Jose Luis Granados.


Granados’ former responsibilities will be the new Managing Partners, Jennifer Cameron, who has worked with Eno Vino since its 2004 debut on the Wild West Side at 601 Junction Road, and is Senior Director of Operations, and Chief Anibal Brandt, who has been with the company for nearly eight years, and is a senior culinary developer.

Granados, who started as the original chef at Eno Vino West, said he was not looking for opportunities to open new places, “usually, really, they all come to us. We get a lot of inquiries. so that our concept is in a lot of places. “

He said he gets about 30 requests a year and scans every location, and if he shows potential, he sues it.

The flagship restaurant, Eno Vino Wine Bar and Bistro Downtown, opened in spring 2017 on the top two floors of a 10-story AC Hotel by Marriott, one block from Capitol Square.

Granados said his plan was to develop like a “spider’s web”.

“I think it’s the smartest and best way to grow taller,” he said, noting that if he has a restaurant within an hour’s drive, it’s easier for a managing partner of s Only get there in an emergency if the restaurant was in a different state, say, a six-hour drive away.

Eno Vino Sara

Sara Granados, Marketing and Events Manager at Eno Vino, is on leave after she and her husband Jose Luis Granados had their first child.


The Waunakee Eno Vino (pronounced “N” -o Vino) will be behind the community of Bishops Bay, he said. “They really don’t have much for restaurants, but I think they’re starving for one.”

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