Facilities Manager, Quinault Beach Resort


Posted: 09/27/2021

Facilities Manager, Quinault Beach Resort

Type: full time
Role: facilities manager
Location: WA

Apply to: [email protected]

Quinault Beach Resorts & Casino

Ocean Shores, WA

1. Leads and manages all areas and trades of maintenance within the facilities department (ie HVAC, electrical and building maintenance). Maintains an active role in the planning and coordination of projects and tasks assigned to the team; to include assignment, planning, coordination and monitoring of completion.

2. Monitor, respond to and report any alarms and / or operational alerts of critical systems (ie fire, power failures, power plants, etc.). Plays an active role in the emergency action plan, building continuity plan and emergency drills. Monitor the team to ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations and adherence to all San Manuel and department policies and procedures.

3. Complete performance reviews for assigned team members and oversee performance reviews conducted by junior members of the management team. Responsible for the hiring process (i.e. reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, proposing starting salaries, etc.). Reviews and approves disciplinary action.

4. Request suppliers providing the scope of work, expectations and timelines for completion of the project. Work closely with the administrative team of the department and the purchasing department to ensure requests and timely processing of quotes / proposals from suppliers.

5. Reviews, modifies and creates policies and procedures for the department as required. Ensures all team members are up to date on company and department policies and procedures.

6. Responsible and accountable for the financial integrity of critical systems maintenance and support divisions (ie budget forecasting / planning, transaction review, budget tracking, etc.).

7. Performs other assigned duties to support the efficient functioning of the department

• A minimum of five (5) years of experience in facility management and maintenance operations, preferred.

• At least five (5) years of experience in a casino or hospitality maintenance operational environment, preferred.

• Must be proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Word Perfect, Excel)

• Must be able to read, understand and explain plans and diagrams.

• Must understand SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and be able to give safety instructions to team members.

• Knowledge of emergency shutdown procedures for gas, water, electricity, etc.

• Must be able to follow safety guidelines when using chemicals, equipment, tools and techniques required while performing duties.

• Knowledge of HVAC, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, alarm and fire systems.

• An equivalent combination of progressive, relevant and direct education and experience may be considered in lieu of the minimum education and experience requirements stated above.

Prior experience in general maintenance, electrical and mechanical experience appreciated

• General knowledge of chemicals, maintenance tools, basic plumbing, HVAC, basic electrical, elevators and assorted equipment preferred

• Ability to use equipment such as hand and power tools and emergency equipment

• Good oral communication skills, able to follow instructions and able to communicate clearly and effectively over hand-held radios

• Ability to react appropriately in emergency situations

• Must have a valid driver’s license and acceptable driving history.

EXCELLENT JOB FOR A CANDIDATE WITH A CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING DEGREE or a former casino / hotel establishment manager.

Starting salary $ 114,000. The company pays 100% of employee health insurance coverage. 401K, annual bonus plan, power take-off. Small work team to manage, friendly staff and a great place to live.

Apply to: [email protected]

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