Facts about the San Carlos Indian Reservation

The San Carlos Indian Reservation is home to the Apaches. The Apache Tribe of San Carlos is a family community located 90 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona with something for everyone. There is fun at the casino, including restaurants, or you can enjoy the fresh air with a round of golf, hiking, camping, hunting or fishing.

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The Apaches are the descendants of the Athabascan family who migrated southwest in the 10th century. Over time, many Apache bands were transferred to the reserve from their traditional lands in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico and California. The San Carlos Apache Reservation was established by decree on November 9, 1871. The Apache Tribal Lands of San Carlos encompass 1.8 million acres of breathtaking land that crosses three regions of desert landscapes, plateaus and mountains. mountains.

Photo credit: San Carlos Apache Tribe Facebook
Photo credit: San Carlos Apache Tribe Facebook

When visiting the reserve, be sure to stop by the San Carlos Apache Culture Center located in Peridot, Arizona, on Highway 70, at kilometer 272 on the north side. The cultural center is home to over 15,000 members of various Apache groups. Here you can see peridot jewelry, paintings, engravings, sculptures and books tracing the rich history of the Apaches. You will have the opportunity to meet representatives of the community, “Mountain People” who are the descendants of the elders, Nde, “The People” in person. The Nde are a unique culture and people living in what we call The Beauty Way, “Walking in Beauty”. There is so much information and a wealth of knowledge waiting for you here at the San Carlos Apache Culture Center.

Photo credit: San Carlos Department of Recreation and Wildlife Facebook
Photo credit: San Carlos Department of Recreation and Wildlife Facebook

Don’t forget to take a look at the Apache Gold Casino & Resort which is open 24 hours a day, every day. It offers state-of-the-art video and reel slots as well as bingo and table games. Stay and play golf at the Apache Stronghold Golf Course at the Apache Gold Casino & Resort. This golf course was rated by Golfweek magazine as one of the best golf courses in Arizona and features a large putting green and lawn, a pro shop as well as a snack and lounge. For more information on Apache Gold Casino & Resort, click here.

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Photo credit: Apache Gold Casino Resort Facebook

Calling all anglers, the four lakes in the San Carlos Recreation and Wildlife Department are extraordinary and one of a kind! They feature the Trophy Largemouth Bass as well as the Brown and Rainbow Trout. Bird watching and wildlife photography activities are also available. Make sure you get a fishing, hunting or camping license from their website, www.sancarlosrecreationwildlife.com, or at their office on Hwy 70 Old Moonbase Road Peridot Arizona. 85550.

Photo credit: San Carlos Department of Recreation and Wildlife Facebook

Now is the time to come and discover and explore the San Carlos Indian Reservation. The adventure awaits you to make new memories!

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