Former Princess Mako Komuro Says Marriage Is ‘A Necessary Choice’


Former Princess Mako of Japan, right, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, and her husband Kei Komuro attend a press conference to announce their wedding, at a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, October 26, 2021 (Nicolas Datiche / Piscine Photo via AP)

TOKYO (Kyodo) – Former Princess Mako Komuro, who married commoner Kei Komuro on Tuesday, said her new husband was “irreplaceable” and that their marriage was a “necessary choice” despite the controversy over the resulting union a family financial dispute.

Speaking to the press after registering their marriage, the former princess said she understood that there were differing opinions about their union, but that it was necessary for them to “live while cherishing and protecting our feelings”.

Kei Komuro also said, “I love Mako san. I would like to spend my life with someone I love.”

“We are going to start a new life together. I know there would be different kinds of difficulties in our lives, but I would like us to overcome them together as we have done so far,” said the old one. princess in a hotel in Tokyo.

Kei Komuro said he would “do everything possible” to resolve the money issues involving his mother and ex-fiance while expressing regret over how the couple and their families have come under constant criticism since. that magazines first reported on the financial dispute in December 2017.

The former princess, a niece of Emperor Naruhito, has been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, the Imperial Household agency recently announced.

“Over the past few years incorrect information has been treated as if it is true, and I am very saddened that Mako san has had physical and mental health issues due to the defamation,” he said.

The former princess also said she was ‘afraid, painful and sad about spreading misinformation as if it were true’ whenever she heard ‘unfounded speculation’ that her partner had made decisions. one-sided, regardless of his feelings.

After brief opening remarks, the couple’s written responses to five questions submitted in advance by the media were distributed and the couple left the room in about 10 minutes.

The newlyweds were originally scheduled to give verbal responses to questions, but the agency abruptly announced Monday night that they would provide written responses taking into account the former princess’ health.

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