GGRAsia – Kangwon Land Casino Daily Capacity Reduced to 1,800 on July 15


Daily capacity of Kangwon Land casino reduced to 1,800 on July 15

Kangwon Land (pictured), the only casino complex in South Korea allowed to offer betting to residents, will reduce its casino’s maximum daily capacity to 1,800, or 30% of the 6,000 visitors before the pandemic, from 10 hours Thursday (July 15), according to a representative from Kangwon Land in response to GGRAsia’s phone request on Tuesday.

The casino was already at reduced capacity: 2,300 visits per day. Kangwon Land raffled lots among the audience, for the newly reduced daily seating, the resort representative said.

The person added that Kangwon Land’s decision to further reduce daily capacity coincided with a tightening of social distancing rules, to “level 2” for Gangwon Province, where Kangwon Land is located. Level 2 will take effect from Thursday at midnight to July 31, with the aim of stemming the spread of Covid-19.

According to South Korean media, Gangwon Province’s decision was due to a recent fourth wave of Covid-19 cases in the Greater Seoul area, an area neighboring Gangwon Province.

As of midnight as of Tuesday, Gangwon province had recorded 19 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours, bringing the province’s total to 3,754 infections, with 53 deaths, since the start of the crisis last year, according to the site. Gangwon Province Internet.

The Kangwon Land resort is located in a remote mountainous area to the east, outside of the capital Seoul.

Five students who subsequently tested positive for Covid-19, had stayed in the High 1 condominium at Kangwon Land Resort from July 3-4.

Another representative from Kangwon Land said about GGRAsia’s previous phone inquiries, that since those affected had not visited Kangwon Land casino areas, the situation had not affected gaming operations.

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