Harsh Goenka thinks this Cuban tree-top hotel is a ‘haven of peace’


Businessman Harsh Goenka often shares unique ideas, viral videos and hilarious memes to keep his Twitter family up to date and entertained. On Sunday, the business mogul posted photos of a one-of-a-kind hotel complex located in a Cuban forest. Calling it a “haven of peace and quiet,” Goenka explained that the resort is built on the treetops and hangs just like bird nests. We also learn that there are a few rooms in the complex which are connected to the dining room and the relaxation area by means of wooden suspension bridges.

Designed by architect Veliz Arquitecto, the resort is an ideal meeting place for people who want to connect with nature.

Goenka took to Twitter and wrote: “Amazing resort in Cuba set on the trees of a forest. It looks like a haven of peace and tranquility! Architect: Veliz Arquitecto.

Internet users were in awe of the location and beauty of the resort, but some wondered where the restrooms were. One of the users wrote, “This is all fine, but where is the toilet? He also pointed out that the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve also has a tree house.

A few thought the pictures were too good to be true. “It looks like a version generated by 3D software. No real photographs, ”wrote one user.

Earlier, Goenka shared clicks on “Little Island,” which is a new, free public park pier in the larger park on the Hudson River. The park was opened to the public in May, earlier this year.

It offers New Yorkers and visitors from around the world a unique green space that cannot be found in any other part of the city. From the photos, the new park appears to be floating on stilts above the Hudson River. The flowers and trees of Little Island rest on 132 concrete pots which are called tulip pots.

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