Indoor smoking returns to Mohegan Sun Pocono, but not to Mount Airy | New


A normal return to Mohegan San Pocono meant a return to indoor smoking. But that’s not the case at the Mount Airy Casino Resort.

Smoking in Planes Twp is allowed again. According to Anthony Carlucci, president and CEO of Mohegan Sun Pocono, the casino is located on almost half of the playing surface.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board informed the Pennsylvania Casino that a temporary casino smoking ban will be lifted in connection with the end of COVID-19 Maskman Date on Monday, Carlucci said.

However, smoking cessation groups are promoting legislation to make smoking cessation permanent.

Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, said the resumption of smoking in the casino puts the health of employees and guests at risk, despite the “known risk of short-term exposure to indirect smoking “. Said to expose to.

“Indoor smoking is a pre-COVID relic and should not be surrendered,” Hallett said.

According to Karlucci, more than 50% of the Mohegan San Pocono playground is non-smoking. Bars and lounges that previously allowed smoking but are now closed are reassessing their smoking status before reopening, he said.

A spokeswoman said the Mount Airy Casino Resort in Monroe County had banned indoor smoking since July 3 and continued to ban indoor smoking.

The casino offers an outdoor smoking area adjacent to the entrance to the self-park.

According to Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights, more and more casinos across the country are smoke-free.

During COVID-19, at least 160 tribal gaming sites implemented a 100% smoke-free policy. Half of the states require commercial casinos to be smoke-free indoors, and anti-smoking groups have reported that about 1,100 gaming facilities do not allow indoor smoking.

According to Hallett, the group is calling on Pennsylvania’s elected officials, including Governor Tom Wolf, to enforce a law that makes the casino permanently smoke-free indoors.

“Our demands are simple. Like all other businesses in society, we are just quitting smoking, ”she said.

The Pennsylvania Clean Indoor Air Act determines how to deal with smoking in casinos, said Doug Habach, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission.

Wolf spokeswoman Lyndsay Kensinger said the government “welcomes discussions on updating laws on purifying indoor air quality.”

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