Is a new era of gambling in Atlantic City and New Jersey coming?

Jens Schluter

Jens Schluter

New Jersey members Don Guardian and Claire Swift are co-sponsoring legislation to renew Internet gaming in Atlantic City and New Jersey, in the form of A2190.

This will allow internet gaming to continue for another decade. It was passed unanimously by the New Jersey General Assembly’s Committee on Tourism, Games and the Arts.

Additionally, Guardian and Swift are co-sponsoring A4397, which would create a new revenue stream and capitalize on the immense popularity of Esports.

Punters will be able to bet on the outcome of competitive video game tournaments.

Swift said:

“Over the past decade, online casinos have proven to be an integral part of gambling in our state. Residents and visitors to New Jersey have enjoyed the convenience that Internet gambling offers, which has provided the revenue needed for casinos to make further improvements to their This industry is growing rapidly and by extending licensing we are providing legal certainty that will allow for greater investment to take everything to the next level of performance.

Guardian said:

“Ask anyone under forty: esports is the next frontier in gaming,” said Assemblyman Guardian, who sits on the tourism, gaming and arts committee. “Esports conferences and tournaments around the world attract millions of fans and players each year and, together with the University of Stockton’s esports innovation center, Atlantic City is set to be the center of operations in the
United States. The opening of this new industry means
another source of casino revenue, more well-paying local jobs, and a young, untapped market that will breathe new life into Atlantic County tourism.


Stockton University has entered this competitive arena over the past few years with instant success.

Stockton has already established a world-class reputation with their high finishes in many high-caliber tournaments.

Stockton participated in the Esports Rocket League team
competing at the 2022 World Collegiate Championships. They finished 2nd in the world. they were the only New Jersey team to advance to the eighth elite round.

Esports games are likely to generate a lot more revenue than one might think at first glance. It is one of the most popular activities in the world.

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