Jamie Dornan hopes pandemic can unite the world | Entertainment

Jamie Dornan is hoping the coronavirus pandemic brings people closer together.

The “Belfast” actor – whose father has tragically died after contracting the virus – hopes the global health crisis will have the long-term effect of “uniting” divided communities, although this does not appear to be the case for the moment.

He said: “We’ve all had some sort of testing experience, although some more than others. As bad as the personal impact on me is, I hope something positive comes out of Covid in that it will be, in our lifetime, probably the only thing we have all experienced together in the world. It touched us all in different ways, of course, but hopefully will have a unifying quality.

“The first signs are showing that it might not be, but you would like to hope that it could bring us all closer together and end some of the tribal nonsense that exists, based on nothing. But who says? Time will tell us.”

Although the 39-year-old star found the first days of the pandemic “scary,” he liked being able to spend more time with his wife Amelia Warner and their three young daughters.

He told the new issue of Radio Times magazine: “The early lockdown was scary, but also happy that I spent all this time with my family.

“Home schooling aside, we had a brilliant day together and the weather was insane.

“But on the other hand, I lost my father to Covid earlier this year, when I was in Australia doing ‘The Tourist’, quarantined in a hotel.”

Meanwhile, Jamie was touted for awards success thanks to his starring role in “Belfast,” but he admitted it wasn’t a subject he was comfortable with.

He said: “In Ireland you cannot be too impressed with your own success. It doesn’t go down well. You almost have to be prejudicial about it.

“I admire Americans who make this stuff their own – ‘We’re great, look at this, look at us’ – it doesn’t come naturally to people back home.

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