Jeff DeBoissiere Joins Mansion on Forsyth Park as Food and Beverage Manager


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After nearly a decade overseeing food and beverage services in seven other havens, Jeff DeBoissiere’s hospitality career led him to his final position with Hostess City’s first Kessler Collection hotel, Mansion on Forsyth Park.

He adapted to this particular place.

“I love it here,” said DeBoissiere, who joined the “visionary hospitality brand” in late April. “It’s a great focus on luxury service. It has been incredible.

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In his capacity at the property, he oversees every aspect of what is served at the Mansion’s main restaurant, 700 Drayton, as well as its Bösendorfer and Casimir’s lounges.

In addition, the resort hotel runs afternoon tea service, 700 cooking school and catering services while simultaneously hosting banquets, weddings, private parties and gastronomic events, including bookings have been ‘through the roof’ over the past month and De Boissière.

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What a difference a year makes. Recently, a constant stream of cars lined up in the front reception lot, and the entire property was buzzing with brunches, sunbathers, and even corporate retirees.

“It has been nonstop,” DeBoissiere said of starting work at a post-pandemic peak season tide, “but in the best possible way.”

“It’s an explosion. It’s fun, “he added.” Everyone stays busy, but we stay focused on the customer experience.

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Jeff De Boissiere

Paradise at the edge of the park

The July 2020 opening of the Plant Riverside complex and the JW Marriott Savannah gave the Kessler Collection unparalleled property on the river, but the mansion offers a different living and dining environment, which DeBoissiere clearly embraces.

“Comfortable and intimate are the key words,” he said of the ambiance of this Kessler hotel vis-à-vis the new one, which houses an almost quadruple number of rooms. “People come here for the comfortable luxury we offer.

“What we saw in our hotel, in particular: smaller, boutique, amazing location but a bit far from the riverside, it worked in our favor.”

Turns out DeBoissiere’s timing couldn’t have been better when he stepped into a “high occupancy” vacation and special event destination.

Of the hotel’s signature restaurant, he said, “700 Drayton, since the start of the year, is making numbers that we have never done. We are about to have our best year in hotel history, especially brunch and dinner, [which] have been exceptional for us.

“We are in Mr. Kessler’s yard,” DeBoissiere added with a smile. “He’s been here for the past two nights, which also keeps us focused on improving everything from the ambiance to the service to the food.”

Take a variety of classes at the Forsyth Park Mansion Cooking School.

Before moving to Savannah, the Northern Virginia native honed his hospitality skills at four Ritz-Carlton resorts, including three in South Florida, where he won the first of his many service awards.

DeBoissiere went on to lead food and beverage operations at the Fairmont and the St. Regis in Washington, DC, and other personal accolades followed.

In 2019, he came to the Coastal Empire to run all of the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa restaurants and bars, as well as its annual events. While the Westin Savannah’s four-diamond status is not to be sneezed at, the mansion is unique, more intimate, more “boutique”.

“My experience was the boutique, the luxury hotels,” DeBoissiere said as we sat in the cooking school kitchen, “and you get the same feel and vibe here, if not yet. more defined. “

Chef Jason Winn’s Cooking School 700 has sold more courses than ever, including the Saturday Morning Farmers ‘Market Tour, during which he takes participants across the street to the Farmers’ Market by Forsyth. Students are introduced to farmers and traders and then buy ingredients that they bring back to the Manor to prepare a real farm-to-table brunch.

“This is a property where a vision comes to life,” continued DeBoissiere, “where art and music blend together to help us create these experiences for our guests. This is our mission.

“A little oasis,” he said aptly.

For special occasions

DeBoissiere acknowledges that he has entered a dining destination that is already on top, so his charges are to focus on growing the afternoon tea service, which already sells out most weekends, “continuing to capture and elevate this experience.

He is also pleased with the improvements made to the cocktail menu and the drink menu to better represent the place.

“They are locally inspired now,” he explained. “We use local spirits, and they’re all tied to what the Lowcountry and Savannah are like.”

Executive chef Daniel Herget, who has also made a move amid the pandemic, joined the Mansion in January to run 700 Drayton Kitchen.

Enjoy afternoon tea at Mansion on Forsyth Park.

“This is one of the main reasons our restaurant is doing so well,” DeBoissiere said unequivocally of his culinary colleague. “He worked with our corporate team to redesign our dinner menu,” now a shared plate platform that sources more local items from suppliers that feature prominently on the menu.

The new chef and new food and beverage manager have a ‘daily conversation’ about everything served at the Mansion’s outlets and are committed to seasonality. By early July, if not sooner, DeBoissiere expects new menus to be launched to take advantage of “sourcing the freshest, most local items possible and that [are] in season. “

Like 1540 Room, St. Neo’s, The Emporium, 22 Square and a few others, 700 Drayton is another Savannah hotel restaurant that isn’t “just a hotel restaurant,” and local diners know it. . As you might expect, the breakfast service caters mostly to hotel guests, but DeBoissiere estimates, through online reservations, that a majority of weekend diners have 3,141 zip codes.

“We have definitely become this place for special occasions,” said DeBoissiere. “Date night, anniversary, engagement celebrations.”

“We’ve had a few offers in the short time I’ve been here,” he said with another smile and a sigh as he finished the fairy tale: “Thank goodness they said ‘yes’ Everytime.”

In this romance, DeBoissiere and his colleagues are the ones who stay in this mansion, happily ever after.

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