KEENON Robotics showcases its advanced service robots at NRA 2022

The advanced service robot solutions presented to the North American market by KEENON Robotics caught the attention of visitors to the show:

“In the same way that people have freed themselves from such tedious chores as washing clothes or dishes by hand, or sweeping with a broom, and replaced the manual aspects of this work with washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, service robots are “turned” into powerful assistants for humans in their work and life, helping restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and factories with various boring and dangerous tasks, improving efficiency, reducing costs and allowing people to spend their time on more important and interesting tasks and creative work.At the same time, the evolution and improvement of big data analysis technologies and interaction of AI allow robots to extend their application scenarios and improve their services.Robots are on the way to becoming a tool assistant that we can no longer s pass us,’ mentioned Theodore Wangsales manager at KEENON Robotics US

  • Restaurant Robot: A waiter robot that helps human waiters serve and return used dishes efficiently as a restaurant robot, allowing human waiters to save time and focus their energy on customer service, greatly improving the overall efficiency and service level of the restaurant.
  • Hotel Robot: Redefines the hotel guest experience in terms of safety and efficiency. A delivery robot, for example, can perfectly take the elevator to any floor and provide room service at any time of the day or night, providing the contactless and life-friendly room delivery services. most trusted private.
  • Hospitality Robot: Broadcasts advertisements on two high-definition digital screens to welcome customers or solicit passers-by and guide them to their seats, while increasing efficiency and providing a fun experience.
  • Disinfection robot: equipped with professional disinfection lamps and sprayers that effectively kill bacteria and viruses on the surface and in the air, providing efficient and rapid sanitation services in public areas.

KEENON Robotics robots are equipped with a fully autonomous positioning and navigation system in tandem with highly sensitive obstacle perception and avoidance technologies to adapt to a variety of complex real-world application scenarios and enable safe, reliable and efficient service robot solutions.

About KEENON Robotics:

Founded in 2010, KEENON Robotics provides smart, reliable and convenient solutions for various scenarios including restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and factories. KEENON Robotics is a strategic partner of Softbank Robotics and Hyundai Robotics. In September 2021KEENON completed a $200 million Series D funding led by Softbank Vision Fund 2 (SVF2), marking the largest funding ever received by a service robot company. KEENON robots have been deployed in over 60 countries.

SOURCEKeenon Robotics Co., Ltd.

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