Mira Rajput Can’t Find Plant-Based Food In This Hotel In Italy, Reprimanded On Social Media!

Shahid Kapoor’s better half, Mira Rajput, is often in the spotlight even though she is not in Bollywood movies. Nowadays, Mira Rajput enjoys the beauty of Italy with her family. During the trip to Italy, something happened to Meera that she couldn’t control her anger. Suddenly what happened was that she shared her anger on social media.

Why is Mira Rajput furious

since the arrival of Mira Rajput in Italy. From then on, she continuously posts photos and videos. Meera’s trip was going well. But what bothered her was a lack of vegetable food. Shahid Kapoor’s wife is a vegetable lover and it’s unfortunate that she didn’t have vegetarian food at this hotel in Italy. Meera shared a post tagging the hotel in her Instagram post.

Meera composes, “If you’re Indian and vegetarian, skip this hotel. food options are limited, nothing to make vegetarians feel good. Awful and dirty sheets. No one to complain about, but keep the list tight. I will currently in Palermo. Meera spoke about the hotel regarding accommodation in a few lines. Whatever happened to them while traveling in another country. It shouldn’t have happened.

This is not the first time that Mira Rajput has spoken out directly on any issue via virtual entertainment. Indeed, even before that, she made her voice heard via web entertainment on many difficult issues. Meera sees anytime something goes wrong suddenly compose on social media. That too without thinking about what the world would think of her and so on. It’s only fitting that hotel owners take this post by Mira Rajput seriously and will take care of the needs of vegetable lovers in the future.

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