New Braunfels to discuss parking requirements for efficient housing units


New Braunfels city leaders say they are proposing an ordinance imposing the minimum number of parking spaces per unit of efficiency, also known as studios.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – From hotel rooms to apartments, it’s a solution to the single-family housing need.

The town of New Braunfels has at least one hotel in the process of changing.

City planners say they will come up with a new rule to have enough parking spaces for efficient housing.

The VIVO Apartments off I-35 Frontage Road, formerly a Ramada Inn, are currently being renovated into efficient accommodation, essentially a studio complex.

“As I read it nationally it became clear that landowners have become interesting,” said Christopher Looney, director of planning and development for the town of New Braunfels.

Looney says the city wants to code its parking requirements for efficient housing.

1.1 parking space per unit is the proposed rule, but parking spaces such as those located outside the hotel will not be different for residents or visitors.

“We want to provide this space for as many units in case there are guests, visitors … but at the same time be careful and make sure that we don’t park too much, resulting in too much asphalt in the community. “Looney said.

Low-cost places to live are very expensive in Texas.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, only 30 units are available for 100 very low income households in the San Antonio and New Braunfels area.

Looney says they want to set consistent rules for anyone who converts hotels into homes

“We want to make sure we’re consistent with business owners, property owners, and consistent with home owners,” adds Looney.

The New Braunfels city council will have its first reading of this proposed ordinance on Monday evening.

A maintenance supervisor tells KENS 5 that it may take a few months before the apartments open.

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