New hotel’s ‘poo-emoji’ architecture disgusts Edinburgh


The W hotel has yet to open in Edinburgh, but it is already raging locals. The steel vault which covers it gives it an uninviting silhouette.

History of the 14th century when suddenly, in the sky of the Scottish capital, a shape appears anything but majestic. There is no illusion possible for Guardian, Hotel W, still under construction, is shaped like cow dung. Daily life is even more precise when speaking “poop emoji”. Unveiling his Evil Shikhar above the historic urban skyline, swearing in an alluring landscape of elegant staircases and other minarets, this large dazzling heap demonstrates that despite measures to protect global conservation activism UNESCO heritage [urbaine] And long conversations in the design phase, sometimes… things go wrong. “

The hotel in question is part of a larger shopping complex, In the district of the new town: “158,000 m² of shops, restaurants and luxury apartments, as well as a cinema, including 1,600 spaces above an underground car park. In short, a brand new plot in the city center ”. The capped building quickly became the laughing stock of social networks.



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