Not much love for the Inverness hotel decision

Redesigned proposals for a Courtyard By Marriott hotel on the Ironworks site at Academy Street have been approved.

Readers responded in large numbers to the decision to authorize a new hotel on the Forges site.

The hotel will be an eyesore in the city center

After seeing the artist’s impression of the hotel, I’m certainly not a hotel pro, it certainly won’t blend in with the streets and will be the source of many derogatory comments.

As for the problem of the Forges, if one must have the horror of the hotel, why not integrate the concert hall into the hotel?

H Nicoll


Loss of a music venue mourned by many

“Incredible decision by local elected officials who have made the totally short-sighted decision to close one of the best music venues in the country. We regularly travel north to Inverness to watch bands here, but not anymore. And for what – another eyesore of a building in the center of Inverness The number of jobs forecast will not materialize – the existing hotels in the city are already all understaffed and any jobs created will all be at minimum wage if that. – Robert Hamilton, Tillicoultry

“It seems like a huge step backwards for the city to lose our only decent music venue to gain yet another hotel.” – James, Inverness

“I understand that Inverness needs more hotels to cater for tourists, but what are the plans to create a new music venue in the city centre? The Ironworks had booked some fairly well-known acts over the past 14 years , but it was also a platform for local musicians of all age groups, an opportunity to perform their own original material, in a real music hall without having to travel all the way to Glasgow, Dundee and beyond. David Sidley, Inverness

“While we all recognize that Inverness needs more hotel beds, the views of locals have been ignored by council and ironically a great venue which has brought visitors to the city will be lost.” – Douglas Scott, Ardersier

“How can a planning authority give its approval to such a monumental building that has no respect for the scale of other buildings in the area? The design may be suitable for Rome or Athens, but certainly not for Inverness. – Alan Holling, Inverness

“I am quite disappointed with this decision. Whilst I understand that Inverness needs more hotel options for the tourism sector, one should not sacrifice one of the few venues we have that way for music and entertainment. The Ironworks has been a great venue over the years with amazing shows. It would be a shame to lose it without a replacement in progress. – Andrew Duncan, Muir of Ord

“Councillors just don’t listen to what local people want. How does the casting vote go to a councilor who doesn’t even live in Inverness. Unbelievable!” – Des, Inverness

“Only destroy the forges and build the hotel if there are solid plans to build a bigger concert hall.” – Darren Rostock, Inverness

“Wouldn’t you think there are more than enough hotels in town without more.” – Anne Anderson, Inverness

“No surprise – public opinion has never influenced and will not influence any of Highland Council’s decisions – the Gathering Place and the Bascule Bridge are the best example of this. The obsession to provide another concrete monstrosity will lead to a city center devoid of any architectural value…and to the loss of a popular public place…money talks. Harry Corbett, Tain

“I oppose this planning permit. Highland Council should focus on general maintenance of streets and pavements. No need to build a hotel when the place looks third world. – John Bain, Inverness

“It’s an absolute shame that the Forges are lost. So many town centers are becoming soulless corporate havens – it looks like Inverness is sadly going down the same path. Inverness is in a unique situation, especially for its size, in that it has a huge regional catchment area (larger than Belgium?) with visitors and residents from all over the world. We should support and showcase the best of Britain, the best of Scotland and the best of the Highlands and Islands. Another hotel in the center making the city less interesting for visitors and residents. You want people to sleep in Inverness, but what’s there to do once here? The stores are closing, the animations are decreasing? What a sad situation for what could be a great city centre. Abolition of the self-employed in favor of companies. We should all be ashamed of what is happening to take away the identity of the city. Sad sad sad…” – Iain Nelson, Inverness

“Inverness is full of hotels and before Ironworks claimed a concert hall that focuses solely on that, the music. While it hosted other types of entertainment, it was always the centerpiece of a concert and will be sorely missed. – Luke Duncan, Dingwall

“Absolutely the wrong decision, the last thing Inverness city center needs is another hotel.” – Tony SmithRogart

“I strongly object to another hotel in the center of town. There are about 10 within half a mile of the steelworks site with countless bed and breakfasts nearby as well. Visitors to the city need entertainment venues and this should be encouraged by the council if they want the local economy to recover. – Joan Macdonald, Inverness

“No it’s ridiculous, they have more than enough hotels, they need concert halls in the so called city!!” – Sandra Lowe, Kingussie

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