Remembering the famous Royal Exchange Hotel in Mississauga – Modern Mississauga Media

In 1837 John Tiers was listed as the owners of Halfway House in Springfield (later renamed Erindale). In 1851 Emerson Taylor purchased Halfway House and renamed it “Royal Exchange Hotel”. In 1859 Emerson Taylor was appointed local magistrate and postmaster. Under Emerson Taylor’s management, the hotel became known, in an 1866 advertisement, as the “Peel County Model Home” with the best in accommodations, beds and food.

Emerson Taylor sold the Royal Exchange Hotel to Frank Morley of Cooksville in 1884, and he in turn sold it to Charles Joseph Lamphier in 1892 for five thousand dollars. Charles Lamphier arrived in the village around 1890 and ran a small store next to the hotel. Charles was the eldest son of Jane Joseph Lamphier of Burnhamthorpe, Charles died in 1894 at the age of 37. The hotel was auctioned off to George Golding and William Downey of Summerville.

The village’s first telephone was reportedly installed in the hotel in 1896. In 1898, George Golding sold the inn to John Ough of Streetsville, who in turn sold it to Michael Butler later that year. In November 1900, Patrick Lamphier, the youngest son of Jane and Joseph Lamphier and brother of the late Charles, became the new owner of the inn.

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