Schaumburg entertainment district set to begin with impending demolition of office complex

The countdown is underway this month for the demolition of a one-story office complex that will mark the first stage in the creation of an entertainment district adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel and Schaumburg Congress Center .

In September, Schaumburg administrators approved a $569,500 contract with Markham-based KLF Enterprises to relocate the former Woodfield Green Executive Center to 1920 and 1930 Thoreau Drive.

Work is expected to begin the week of October 16, just after the Mecum Auto auction that runs October 13-15 at the convention center.

The start of the project can be subtle, focusing on disconnecting utilities from both buildings. Demolition is expected to be complete when winter arrives, with perhaps further restoration of the site to be carried out in the spring.

Administrators previously approved two contracts totaling $381,062 to repave the office center parking lot and relocate the power supply to its streetlights as a temporary overflow parking lot ahead of the Mecum Auto auction.

The upcoming demolition will not increase parking capacity.

The Village purchased the office center for $6.58 million in 2017 with plans to incorporate the property into an entertainment district. Some tenants with particularly long leases have been paid to leave early.

Last to go was Bright Horizons Early Childhood & Education Center, which received $3.5 million in district-generated tax-raise funding from the region to relocate to Roosevelt University’s nearby Schaumburg campus. Bright Horizons held potential lease extensions that could have lasted until 2045.

Orlando-based Andretti Indoor Karting & Games is set to anchor the first phase of the Entertainment District, which would also include another entertainment venue, restaurant and 900-space parking lot west of the Renaissance Hotel.

The Woodfield Green property is set to eventually evolve from a temporary car park to a future phase of a 28-acre entertainment district on the east side of Meacham Road.

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