Seniesa Estrada dominates Jazmin Gala Villarino and scores shutout in 105-pound title fight

Seniesa Estrada enjoyed every second of her long-awaited return to the ring on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Undefeated Estrada relentlessly threw punches at Jazmin Gala Villarino and fended off the aggressive Argentine contender in his fight for the 105-pound title at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort. Judges Max DeLuca, Chris Migliore and Patricia Morse Jarman all scored a shutout, 100-90, for Estrada of East Los Angeles (23-0, 9 KOs), who won a unanimous decision and retained his weight championship minimum WBA.

Villarino of Buenos Aires (6-2-2, 1 KO) lost for the first time since his pro debut in four rounds by majority decision in November 2016.

Estrada, 30, ended a lengthy layoff that lasted nearly 11 months. She signed a multi-year promotional deal with Bob Arum’s Top Rank Inc. in July after a contract dispute led to a split with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions.

Estrada was in full command in the 10th and final round on Saturday night, but that didn’t stop Villarino from advancing and landing his fair share of power shots in the final two minutes of action. Estrada had built an insurmountable lead in nine rounds, however, and Villarino clearly couldn’t affect the defending champion with any of her punches.

Estrada caught Villarino with a right uppercut then a left-right combination with just over 1:10 remaining in the eighth round. Backed onto the ropes later in the eighth round, Estrada connected with a left-right combination up top after boring Villarino with a right to his body.

Estrada knocked out Villarino with a left hook with just under a minute left in the seventh round. From a southpaw stance, Estrada quickly landed a right uppercut just after the halfway point of round six.

A right-left combination from Estrada stopped Villarino in his tracks with 25 seconds left in the fifth round.

Villarino’s overhand right landed flush with 1:15 left in the fifth round. Estrada drilled Villarino with a hard right to the body just 30 seconds into the fifth round.

Villarino pushed the action throughout the fourth round, but Estrada effectively tackled his opponent’s body and head. Estrada’s left hand backed Villarino with just under a minute on the clock in the fourth round.

Estrada’s left hook connected up top with just over 45 seconds remaining in round two, when she consistently tackled Villarino’s body. Estrada landed a right-left combination to the body less than 15 seconds into the second round.

Estrada landed a left-right combination with just over 20 seconds left in the first round. With about 50 seconds on the clock in the first round, Estrada connected with a right hand.

Just 30 seconds into their fight, Estrada landed a right to Villarino’s body.

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