Thanksgiving flight cancelled? New Yorkers can get a free hotel stay

No one likes an unexpected layover, especially on the eve of Thanksgiving. When a vacation flight is canceled or delayed, not only are you wasting family time, but it’s also a logistical (and expensive) nightmare to find a hotel on a day when so many people are booked by other travelers.

2022 has already seen an 11% increase in delayed or canceled flights compared to pre-COVID numbers. Combine a historic labor shortage for airlines with severe winter weather expected in parts of New York City over the weekend, and it’s a recipe for headaches and heartbreak. flight day of the year. But now some stranded New Yorkers can get a free hotel room.

What New York Thanksgiving Travelers Face

Early winter snowstorm hits Chicago area

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Four of the six airlines flying from Albany International are among the carriers with the most canceled flights in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Allegiant, JetBlue, United and American Airlines all had more than 100 flights canceled each between Nov. 6 and Nov. 12. Delta and Southwest were the only ALB Airmen outside the top ten.

Early winter weather disrupts traffic at Newark Airport

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Buffalo could get six feet of snow this weekend. With New York City being one of the largest travel hubs in the United States and the world, any of these issues in the state could affect your vacation flights from the city.

Hotel at home for the holidays

Stopover in a holiday home

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

If you are departing from LaGuardia and your flight is canceled or delayed on Wednesday the 23rdrdWyndham Hotels and Lowe’s (yes, the home improvement store, not the hotel chain – it’s Loews) have teamed up to make an unexpected layover a little easier.

The couple have teamed up to put ten Holiday Home Layover rooms in the Wyndham Garden LaGuardia South. The hotel rooms are fully decorated for the holidays courtesy of Lowe’s, including wreaths, lights, and a life-size Christmas tree in every room.

Holiday stopover

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

If your flight from LaGuardia is canceled or delayed overnight, the first ten travelers to register on the Holiday Home Layover site will get a free night and a little extra worry on their plates. You will need to present proof of your unlucky plans to stay at the hotel. Wyndham and Lowe’s also offer the same free accommodations at LAX, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Miami International.

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