The construction of the Funplex Mt Laurel hotel is moving quickly towards the opening of 2023. This week is the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Funplex!

Mt Laurel’s Funplex Water Park and Amusement Center is making rapid progress in building a unique dual-brand hotel right next to the popular family entertainment destination.

I recently visited the site twice… two months ago there were only concrete block stairwells, and on my return visit a week ago I was amazed to see how finished the structure of the hotel was!

Although I’m no construction expert, it looks like with the progress they’re making, they should hit their Spring/Summer 2023 opening target…but we’re still a year away so things may change!

Funplex Mt Laurel is a large and growing family and friendly entertainment destination featuring a wide variety of attractions including a water park, rides, laser tag…and a bowling alley!

A new dual-brand Hawthorn and La Quinta hotel is under development at Funplex Mt Laurel! Opening targeted for the first half of 2023
Hotel image from Funplex press release

The Funplex family is growing rapidly…they now have a second New Jersey location in New Hanover (North Jersey), and in 2021 they added a third location with the opening of a Funplex park in Myrtle Beach, New Jersey. Caroline from the south !

But they haven’t stopped there, branching out into new avenues of entertainment after recently purchasing Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill.

Funplex Mt Laurel Outdoor Fun! Rides and water park! And even as much fun awaits you inside! Picture (c) Funplex

25th Anniversary Celebration!

This year, Funplex Mt Laurel is celebrating its 25th year and the big event will take place this week July 8-14!

During the week, Funplex will be hosting a 3D aerial laser light show for “Light Up the Night!”

Monday night, July 11 is the BIG celebration for Season Pass and All-Year members only which includes dinner, dessert and a free gift. Passholders/members will need to confirm their attendance here.

Funplex Mt Laurel is located on Route 38 just east of Route 295 (Exit 40A). Route 38 at this 295 interchange is also home to TopGolf, Costco and Wegmans… Funplex is on the other side of the Rt 295 divide.

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Funplex Mt Laurel is easy to get to. Directly on route 38 or from rt 295 this is exit 40 (traveling on 295 north you can take 40a. Traveling on 295 south side this is exit 40 and you do half-turn). Or just put the address in Waze. 🙂

Funplex Hotels: Hawthorn Suites and La Quinta Del Sol

Funplex Mt Laurel started small in 1997 as a mini golf course and batting cages.

As mentioned, they’ve become a full amusement and water park, complete with rides, laser tag, arcade, go-karts, bumper boats, bowling, private party rooms and more!

In 2021, Funplex made a $4 million investment to expand Mt Laurel Water Park by 50%!

In February 2020, 42Freeway reported that the Mt. Laurel Funplex was heading to the planning board seeking approval to add a new hotel building to the property.

This was not their first attempt to develop a hotel at Funplex, as in 2012 they were approved for a hotel and additional amenities including retail.

Signage on site announcing the next hotel!

The new push for hotel approval and development unfortunately ended up being timed just as Covid was breaking through in the US. Although we do not know all the details of the approval schedule, it was a year later, in the spring of 2021, that the Funplex hotel project was approved.

Upon final approval, 57 rooms will be Hawthorn Suite rooms with kitchens, intended for extended stays.

The remaining 68 rooms will be the Del Sol prototype of La Quinta. Del Sol refers to their most recent design for public spaces, which moves away from the old, more urban and modern look.

The La Quinta brand is considered an upper-middle-range brand that also appeals to business travelers.

A fall press release says the dual-brand concept of Wyndham hotels is very new. Although there are two different hotels in the building, they will benefit from a common lobby, a large modern room, a fitness center, a bar and other amenities.

This angle shows the proximity of the hotel to Funplex. The pink/aqua building next to the hotel under construction is the entrance to the Funplex!

Funplex absolutely wants the rooms to be used by families visiting the amusement center next door. But they’re also well aware of the location in the middle of a central South Jersey business district and expect to provide rooms for business travelers.

Funplex was able to obtain a liquor license that will allow them to serve alcohol at the park in addition to the hotel!

The press release

We’ll be providing more updates closer to the opening date, and we also plan to reach out to the Legacy Club in Woodcrest to check on their upgrades and blueprints!

Links and locations

Funplex Mont Laurier
3320 Route 38
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

(856) 273-9666



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