The construction schedule for the American roundabout 31 has been postponed in the township of Manistee.

MANISTEE TWP. – The Manistee Township Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday evening.


The Manistee Township Board of Directors named Sam Koscinski the new interim chief of the Manistee Township Fire Department after former chief Chuck Barron resigned last month after about eight years as head of the service.

At the meeting, Dennis Bjorkquist, Supervisor of Manistee Township, thanked Koscinski for leading until a new chief was appointed.

“The residents of the Township of Manistee are fortunate to have Sam Koscinski to fill a vacant position for our Fire Chief. I think he will do a great job, ”he said, adding that there may also be a need to change the chain of command. “Thanks for stepping up.”


The Manistee Township Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution to support the fire department’s request for a 6,000 psi breathing air compressor.

Koscinski said the breathing air compressor would complement the department’s respiratory system. He said the compressor would streamline the process of filling breathable air cylinders that the department would use in the event of a fire.

“We would be able to fill these (bottles) when we are at the scene of a fire and we breathe the bottles to come and fill the laptops,” he explained. “Instead of me going to load 200-pound bottles in the back of my truck and then drive them into town and then they have to disconnect their… system to fill those bottles – which is about a day’s process – this compressor would now allow us to fill ours at the station.

He noted that the compressor would also mean fewer trips for the county’s air truck since the department would be able to fill its own air supply cylinders.

This is a grant from the Manistee County Local Revenue Sharing Council in Cycle I for this year. The estimated amount of the grant request was not immediately available.


Manistee Township Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution to support the fire department’s request for a training door that would help service members practice opening a door in an emergency .

Koscinski said: “In the last few years we haven’t had the training to force entry into a building. “

“We all know, we learn by doing, don’t we? And being able to sit there and visualize and follow the process – that’s going to make our guys more responsive when they meet him, ”he said.

He said the drive door is custom built from New York and has different hinges to swing it left or right. Koscinski said the gate could be used by other county departments.

“And when you’re going to tackle doors, it’s a completely different method from a right hand to a left hand to be able to force entry,” he said. “It’s going to open up a whole world of different elements for us to learn from.”

This is a Cycle I revenue sharing grant for this year. The estimated amount of the grant request was not immediately available.


During the township update portion of the reunion, Bjorkquist noted that construction of the roundabout north of Manistee which is scheduled to start this year has been postponed from April to July.

A roundabout has been proposed for the intersection of US 31 and M-22 near the Little River Casino Resort in Manistee Township.

The project is being carried out in partnership between the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, owner of the casino.

This map shows how traffic will move during construction of a proposed roundabout at the intersection of US 31 and M-22 in Manistee Township.

Courtesy card / Michigan Department of Transportation

A road safety review was carried out at the request of the tribal government to assess conditions at the intersection and to help recommend options for improving road safety.

It was determined that a roundabout would reduce the potential for serious accidents, while improving traffic flow at the site, previously said Gary Niemi, MDOT operations engineer.

The cost of the project is estimated at $ 1.8 million. The work on the roundabout is expected to take about two months.


At the end of last month, the proposed bridge near the US 31 / M-55 intersection in Manistee Township was reopened to traffic.

At the township meeting, Bjorkquist said there was still work to be done on the bridge this year, but the work is not expected to cause major traffic delays.

“I learned that the utility lines that hung under the old bridge are now permanently underwater and permanently attached,” he said.

The project began in mid-December 2020 and involved a complete closure of the bridge, replacement of the bridge, and a detour around construction work that often required motorists to take a detour around Lake Manistee depending on their destination.

The bridge that had been put in place was almost 90 years old.

Several members said the garbage pickup schedule, which was supposed to be temporary while the bridge is closed, will remain in place like the current pickup schedule.

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