The Edsel arrived in Boise


BOISE, Idaho – Classic car enthusiasts will get special treatment in Boise this weekend.

It’s been over 60 years since the Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel to the world. Although the Edsel was only produced for three years, from 1958 to 1960, what was a commercial failure is now considered a highly coveted car that is collected by dedicated enthusiasts.

Members of the Edsel Owners Club are holding their 52nd Annual Meeting August 4-8 in downtown Boise at the Red Lion Hotel. Club members from across the United States and Canada gather for the event.

The public is invited to view some 36 restored Edsels on display in the hotel parking lot, located at 1800 West Fairview Avenue.

On Saturday morning, an Edsels parade will head to the Yankee Motor Museum on Boeing Street in Boise.

The Edsel has been called the “E” car (for experimental) since its inception. When introduced on September 4, 1957, the Edsel featured many innovations ahead of its time, including a floating speedometer and transmission locks in the park.

One of the most talked about features was the “Teletouch” shifter, which electronically controlled the automatic transmission selection from pushbuttons located in the center of the steering wheel hub. Many other original Edsel ideas can still be found in cars today.

Edsel produced coupes, sedans, convertibles and station wagons on Ford and Mercury platforms. Over 68,000 Edsel models were produced in 1958, but when sales fell short of expectations, only 47,000 models were produced in 1959 and only 2,800 in the last model year of 1960.

The Edsel Owners Club was formed in 1968. Today, it has over 500 members living in 47 states and seven Canadian provinces. There are international members in eight countries, from Sweden to New Zealand. Members are aged from teens to 80 years old.

The club held a national convention every year, rotating convention venues across the country. During conventions, Edsel owners display their cars, hold a parts auction, and share road stories. In addition, the cars are judged and there is an awards banquet.

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