The White Lotus: 4 characters I’d love to see return as Jennifer Coolidge

HBO has always been a hub for quality television and acclaimed Mike White comedy The White Lotus is no exception. The anthology series recently returned for Season 2 (with killer new opening credits) for those with an HBO Max subscription. The show mostly features a new cast, but brought back the truly iconic Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid. She won an Emmy for her role in Season 1, but there are a few more white lotus characters that I would like to see return in the same way. Yes, I’m basically hoping for a white lotus cinematic universe, can you blame me?

Given that White Lotus hotels are a 5 star franchise that are seemingly all over the world, there is a seemingly endless pool of talent and locations for Mike White (who is a Survivor alum) to be drawn for future installments. And while I want Jennifer Coolidge to continue as Tonya (perhaps alongside Jon Gries’ Greg Hunt), I wouldn’t mind seeing more familiar faces in future seasons. Although full disclosure: I’m including some Season 2 characters here without knowing who was killed off in the ongoing mystery involving the cold open.

Jolene Purdy as Lani in The White Lotus

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Lani (Jolene Purdy)

The very first episode of The White Lotus gave a ton of focus to Jolene Purdy’s character, Lani, who was a new employee working alongside Murray Barlett’s Armond. Throughout this wild first adventure through the comedy series, we learn that Lani is hiding a pregnancy, taking the hotel job for medical benefits. And the episode ends with her giving birth in Armond’s office, in a truly iconic and bonkers set of events.

Unfortunately, we never got to find out what happened to Lani. The character never returned The White Lotus during season 1, which was a major disappointment – ​​especially considering the charming performance given by Jolene Purdy. But maybe we could see her return if Lani was moved to another location?

Michael Imperioli arguing in The White Lotus Season 2

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Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli)

Part of what makes The White Lotus such a great show is the stellar ensemble cast that Mike White has managed to assemble for his two seasons so far. Season 2 certainly didn’t drop the ball in that regard. Example : The Sopranos and Freedmen icon Michael Imperioli as Hollywood producer Dominic Di Grasso.

Since we are so early in season 2 of The White Lotus, it remains to be seen how this character will play (and if he will even survive the season). Still, Imperioli delivers an intriguing performance from a troubled and complex man. And personally, I’d love to see him return in a future installment of the burgeoning anthology franchise.

Molly Shannon smiling in The White Lotus

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Kitty PattonMolly Shannon

It is well known that Molly Shannon is a bit of Mike White’s muse. The two have collaborated on a number of projects over the years, including his directorial debut year of the dog. So it was no surprise when she ended up appearing in the first season of The White Lotus like Kitty Patton.

Kitty wasn’t in every episode of the first season, and we had to wait and earn the chance to meet her character. But the SNL The icon arrived and lit up the screen, perfectly portraying the show’s commentary on privilege in the process. And since we saw her so little and she was a fan of the White Lotus property, maybe Shannon’s Kitty could return in a future season.

Sabrina Impacciatore at the office in The White Lotus Season 2

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Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore)

Another character from The White Lotus Season 2 that really tickles me is Valentina, played by Italian actress/comedian Sabrina Impacciatore. She continues the trend of surly hotel managers, picking up where Murray Barlett’s Amond left off in Season 1. And since we already know she’s not a corpse on the beach, it looks like she could easily return in a future episode of the HBO comedy series.

Throughout the first two episodes, we saw Valentina berate her co-workers, argue with guests and locals, and unintentionally offend people staying at the five-star hotel. And I would love to see her again in another location in the hotel franchise, which could logically allow her to come back. Whether any of the other actors will get the Jennifer Coolidge treatment remains to be seen, but we can only dream. Though I watch countless seasons of Tanya and her resort antics.

The White Lotus airs new episodes Sundays on HBO. Be sure to check out the list of TV premieres to plan your next binge watch.

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