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A wind-blown wildfire ravaged a northern California mountain town, leaving much of the downtown area in ash as crews braced for another blast of flames amid dangerous weather. The Dixie Fire, swollen with dry vegetation and 40 mph gusts raged Wednesday night in the town of Greenville in the northern Sierra Nevada. Firefighters confirmed that some buildings had been destroyed, without providing details. However, a photographer on assignment for the Associated Press described seeing a burnt gas station, hotel and bar. The city, which dates from the era of the California Gold Rush, has buildings over a century old. As the fires on the north and east sides exploded, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office posted a Facebook post warning towns of around 800: You are in imminent danger and you MUST go now! The three-week blaze was the largest wildfire in the state and had blackened over 435 square miles (1,126 square kilometers), burning dozens of homes before making its new run. pockets of unburned vegetation that managed to surround a third of the perimeter. We did all we could, said fire spokesman Mitch Matlow. Sometimes that’s just not enough. More fire trucks and bulldozers have been ordered to bolster the fight, he said. On Wednesday, the blaze spread over thousands of acres and an additional 4,000 people were ordered to evacuate, bringing nearly 26,500 people to several counties under evacuation orders, he said. . erupted on Wednesday and is expected to be an ongoing threat through Thursday night. Additional reporting by The Associated Press.

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