Utrecht University advises international students without accommodation to reconsider enrollment

New international students enrolled at Utrecht University (UU) who have not yet found accommodation have been urged by university officials to reconsider their study plans in Utrecht as they may find themselves in difficult situations.

According to a press release issued by the university, starting studies without finding accommodation can lead to couch surfing or a high cost of booking hotel rooms, reports Erudera.com.

Student life and mobility advisor Lenn Lamkin said the situation sometimes improves over time as international students manage to network or get to know the area; however, the university does not want this for its new international students.

For this reason, Lamkin said that this summer, UU is advising students to reconsider enrollment if they have been unsuccessful in securing a room or accommodation.

“With pain in our hearts, because international talent is important for our research and education. But we really don’t want people to underestimate the situation and end up in difficult situations,” Lamkin added.

UU notes on its website that it can offer 200 newly completed temporary studio apartments from Holland2Stay to priority international students enrolled at UU. Priority students are those to whom the university will offer “exclusive” accommodation for a few days.

The 200 residences will be added to the 950 rooms and studios the university already offers through international student accommodation providers.

The studios, according to the university’s announcement, are located in the new Boomerang housing complex at Het Kwadrant in Maarssen. The maximum rental price is €675 all inclusive.

According to Lamkin, Utrecht is experiencing a shortage of rooms, especially for international students, and the situation has been difficult since the start of the school year. She said the institution is making efforts to support international students in this regard, but cannot solve the problems for everyone.

“There are too few rooms. And although the percentage of international students is admittedly low in Utrecht compared to other universities, around 13%, because we are a university with 37,000 students, we are still talking about a large number of students”, she pointed out.

This academic year, the number of students at the university stood at 37,000, with the group of international students within it also increasing.

UU has announced plans to build student accommodation in Utrecht Science Park, in which up to 4,000 additional living spaces can be provided for students. Two years ago, the university built 400 temporary student residences to help students facing the housing problem.

Another plan named High Five, with over 900 homes and two large towers, is expected to be ready by 2025.

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