Village Hotel in Bracknell gymnasium extension in submitted plans

A hotel company that took over the old Hilton Bracknell hotel has requested an extension to its gym.

The Village hotel brand, which will reopen the former Hilton on Bagshot Road this month, wants to add more gym space to make room for a studio.

Meanwhile, the owner of a farm in Cranbourne wants to build a new house there as part of a booming development in the village.

In the borough of Wokingham, one developer has applied to build a replacement house in Finchampstead, while another wants to build two houses in addition to the one he occupies.

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To view each plan in detail in Bracknell Forest, enter the planning reference in parentheses in the search bar of the Borough Planning Portal here: applications /.

To view plans in the Borough of Wokingham, visit the council planning portal:

More gym and studio space for Village Hotel, Bracknell (21/01027 / FUL)

Plans for the expansion of the Village Hotel gymnasium at Bagshot Road, Bracknell. Credit: 3D Reid

Village Hotels, the new owners of the Hilton in Bracknell, want to expand the current gym to provide a new studio.

In a cover letter attached to the request, Lichfields planning agents argued that the studio would allow the new venture to set up a fitness club on the site and reposition the hotel “in a competitive market.”

It was announced that Village Hotels will take over the site earlier this year, with the hotel scheduled to reopen on December 18.

Project to build a new house on the agricultural development site in Cranbourne (21/01005 / FUL)

Bracknell News: A design for Poplars Farm's new home in Cranbourne.  Credit: Lewandowski ArchitectsA design for the new house at Poplars Farm in Cranbourne. Credit: Lewandowski Architects

The owners of Poplars Farm have requested the construction of a modern four bedroom house on the site.

The plan calls for the demolition of at least three buildings to make way for the house, including farm cabins and a one-story housekeeping and garden store with a fireplace which is currently visible from Crouch Lane.

Bracknell News: Poplar Farm at Crouch Lane, Cranbourne.  Credit: Google MapsPoplar Farm at Crouch Lane, Cranbourne. Credit: Google Maps

The house would include a two-car garage, home office, kitchen open to the living room and four double bedrooms.

The owners were granted permission to build a modern two-story design house in 2018 and recently requested the construction of a home gymnasium (request 21/01006 / FUL).

You can see images showing the larger development in the gallery above.

Plan for a replacement house in Finchampstead (Wokingham app 213435)

Bracknell News: The master plan for Treetops at Fleet Hill, Finchampstead.  Credit: Tony Day Architecture LtdThe master plan for Treetops at Fleet Hill, Finchampstead. Credit: Tony Day Architecture Ltd

Here the developers want to build a new house to replace a house that has already been demolished at Fleet Rise in Fleet Hill.

An aerial sketch of the site shows where the developers want the new house to be, as well as their proposals for building kennels and stables.

According to a planning, design and access statement from ET Planning, a plan to demolish the first house and replace it was denied in 2018, but allowed on appeal in April 2019.

The house that was demolished was a small, one-bedroom, one-story house.

Plan for two ‘backcountry development’ houses in Riseley (Wokingham app 213682)

Bracknell News: Site plan for the plan of two houses at number 1 Yeosfield, showing plots 1 and 2. Credit: Harding Rose ArchitectsSite plan for the plan of two houses at number 1 Yeosfield, showing plots 1 and 2. Credit: Harding Rose Architects

The owners of Number 1 Yeosfield in Riseley want to build two new single-family homes on land they own.

One of the houses, plot one, would be built in the Yeosfield cul-de-sac, while the second house, plot two, would have access from Bull Lane in the village.

You can see the proposed street scenes for Yeosfield and Bull Lane in the gallery above.

Plot one would have two parking spaces and plot three would have two outdoor spaces and one space in a garage.

Number 1 Yeosfield itself is a two story semi-detached which is attached to Number 2 Yeosfield.

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