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Fans loved it Hotel Transylvania during its premiere. With its star cast including Selena Gomez as Mavis, Hotel Transylvania became a success. And the movies are the perfect treat for the Halloween season.

New Hotel Transylvania was scheduled to premiere on October 1, 2021. But due to pandemic concerns and box office participation trends, Sony Pictures will release it. But the company hasn’t announced a new release date. So until then, this is where fans can rewatch all the scary and funny movies.

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What is Hotel Transylvania about?

Who needs a boring human complex? Welcome to Drac’s Hotel, where humans are not allowed and monsters can take vacations. After the humans killed his wife, Dracula (Drac) built his hotel in 1895 as a refuge for other monsters such as Frankenstein, Murray the Mummy, and a couple of werewolves.

The first film presents the fang-filled saga with a love story. Mavis, vampire and daughter of Dracula, falls in love with a human named Johnny. He accidentally visits the bloodthirsty hotel and is in love with her. The only problem is that Dracula despises humans.

Mavis wants to leave Hotel Transylvania to discover the world of humans. When his father grants him permission, he disguises his grooms as humans to shape his perception of mortals. Ultimately, Drac learns his lesson and helps Mavis find Johnny.

While the other films focus on the hotel, they also develop the character of Drac.

Where to watch the 4 “Hotel Transylvania” films

It would be handy if all four films were shown on the same service. But this is not the case. The only streaming service that can contain all four is Amazon Prime Video. However, it may not be available for free.

According to Decider, the first Hotel Transylvania is broadcast for free on Starz; viewers can also rent it for $ 2.99 from Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, or Prime Video. Hotel Transylvania 2 is available for free on FuboTV and is on the same streaming services for rent. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is not available for free. But it is available for hire on the aforementioned services.

Hotel Transylvania 4 is caught in a stalemate. Initially, Sony was going to release it in theaters on October 1. However, Sony looked at the box office results of other films; from disney Jungle cruise would have had a production budget of $ 200 million. Still, it barely hit the break-even point at the box office, with just over $ 200 million in revenue.

Sony has also seen other companies move their films to date and date releases. Universal Pictures, for example, suddenly moved Halloween kills to a Peacock version. Since the pandemic hit the industry, film distributors have been testing streaming options. And since Disney has found success with Cruel and Black Widow, Sony probably thought about streaming Hotel Transylvania was the best decision.

Neither Amazon Prime nor Sony have confirmed the streaming release date. Fans are hoping he will debut in October.

Who is part of the cast of “Hotel Transylvania”?

Besides Selena Gomez, the Hotel Transylvania the cast includes other familiar faces. For starters, Adam Sandler brought a comedic element to Drac. But actor Brian Hull replaced Sandler in the fourth installment.

Comedian Andy Sanberg portrays Johnny, Mavis’ husband who has fallen in love; Kevin James voiced Frank (Frankenstein) for the first three films. But like Sandler, his character has also been recast.

Steve Buscemi portrays Wayne the werewolf; Murray the Mummy was voiced by CeeLo Green in the first film, then Keegan-Michael Key voiced the Mummy in Hotel Transylvania 2-4; David Spade voiced Griffin the Invisible Man.

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