Why the PGA Moved to Frisco, Texas

In 2018, the Professional Golfers’ Association of America announced the move of its headquarters from its longtime location in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to Frisco, Texas. But why?

Like Local Profile previously reported, a local dad was key, but in a recent chat with Babson BrandBites, PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh offered more details on what prompted the jump from Florida to North Texas. . The decision started with the office space.

“We, like a lot of people, had survived our building,” Waugh explained. “We had been in this for sixty years. And either we had to renovate or move. The PGA rented office space nearby, but their then-ongoing digs did not have enough room to expand. The PGA examined golf-friendly communities across the country, including Charlotte, Atlanta and Phoenix.

“Palm Beach County and Florida stood up and made a great offer, but Frisco jumped off the page for a couple of reasons,” Waugh said. “One is the Texas Financial Incentives, a very forward-thinking place. They get the whole state behind.

The town of Frisco had over 650 acres of land to develop and hoped it could be used for golf. “From their point of view, we were a unique opportunity,” he added. “Our combination of committing to 28 championships that will come to Frisco, building our headquarters and operating the golf course, which is still public land, was extremely attractive to them.”

(Like Local profile previously reported, the deal also includes a $90 million abatement, meaning PGA won’t pay property taxes for the next two decades.)

Moving the PGA headquarters was, according to Waugh, a big dream, but still needed a financial partner. “Step into the Omni Group which is one of the great hotel companies on the planet,” Waugh said. The Dallas-based hotel company has reached a half-billion-dollar deal, offering to set up a hotel and resort, a mixed-use entity and two golf courses. The dream has come true.

The PGA’s new Frisco base will not face the same limitations as the old HQ. “That’s 100,000 square feet that we can farm forever,” Waugh said. “None of our members had a reason to come to our building in Palm Beach Gardens. It was just an office building. But now they’re all going to go home where we’re going to tell the PGA story .

Frisco offered not just greater office space, but the opportunity to create a destination – or even, according to Waugh, the new home of golf in the United States. “By the way, it’s in the middle of the country,” he added, citing ease of travel. And the center of the golf world.

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